Maritime Education Training Academy (META)

META provides a comprehensive range of courses needed for employment in the maritime industry as well as to acquire the necessary skills, abilities and attitudes. META recognizes the mariners come with diverse maritime experience and education as well as goals.



For a start to its operation, META through an agreement with Mega Asia Training Academy is partnering for long term commercial direction to supply the demand and needs in the maritime industry.


META is continuously planning to provide skilled and experienced trainee fully certified by Government Authorities and International Maritime Regulatory Bodies to venture into related industries such as oil and gas and offshore operated companies such as Rapid Johor, TNB Manjung and others.


All these plans will be conducted by Captain Isnin a former DLB captain with over 20 years’ experience in maritime industry based in Lumut Perak.


Below are the module included for three months training :

    SERIES                                          MODULE NAME

    SERIES                                          MODULE NAME

20. ENGINEERING-Basic Knowledge on Fresh water line/tank system

21. ENGINEERING-Basic Knowledge on Fire Hydrant system

22. ENGINEERING-Basic Knowledge on Blidges pump system

23. ENGINEERING-Basic Knowledge on Stabilizer system (fuel/fresh water system & fin system

24. ENGINEERING-Scaffolder DOSH (Department Of Safety Health) & CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) Card

25. SEAMAN- Basic ship berthing rope/anchor arrangement

26. SEAMAN- Basic rigging/slinging

27. SEAMAN- Basic rope/wire rope handling

28. SEAMAN- Basic block /tackle handling

29. SEAMAN- Basic boat handling

30. MANAGEMENT- Basic ISM (International Safety Management) Code

31. MANAGEMENT- Basic ISPS (international Ship Port Security) Code

32. MANAGEMENT- Basic MARPOL (Maritime Pollution)

33. MANAGEMENT- Basic SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea)

34. MANAGEMENT- Basic Office Management (Handling, Writing & Filing Correspondent) course

35. MANAGEMENT- Basic Account (Money Book Keeping (Entering/Exiting of Money) , Bank Statement, Handling, Receipt Handling, Goods Book Keeping (Entering/Exiting of Goods), Debtor Book Keeping)

36. Academic- Counseling, Semi Military Discipline Subject, Maritime English

1. STCW – BT (Standard Training Certification Watchkeeper-Basic Training)

    course certification

2. STCW – BTOCTCO (Standard Training Certification Watchkeeper- Basic

    Training Oil Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation) course certification

3. ISPS –PDSD (International Ship Port Security- Person Designated with

    Security Duties) course certification

4. NAVIGATION- basic chart work

5. NAVIGATION- basic coastal/over horizon navigation

6. NAVIGATION- basic buoy/beacon during entering/leaving harbor

7. NAVIGATION-basic rules of the road

8. NAVIGATION- basic tide table reading

9. NAVIGATION-basic meteorology

10. COMMUNICATION- basic voice procedure

11. COMMUNICATION-basic flag

12. COMMUNICATION-basic morse code

13. ENGINEERING-basic knowledge on Generator to switch board system

14. COMMUNICATION- basic voice procedure

15. COMMUNICATION-basic flag

16. COMMUNICATION-basic morse code

17. ENGINEERING-basic knowledge on Generator to switch board system

18. ENGINEERING- Basic Knowledge on Main Engine to propulsion system

19. ENGINEERING-Basic Knowledge on Fuel line/tank system

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